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With 3 years of experience, we have a highly qualified team that is passionate about animals, ready to meet all your pet’s needs.

With our home service, we can provide you with more convenience and practicality when taking care of your buddy.

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4+ years of service in the pets industry

Here at Love & Care we care about offering the best service. For this, we are always looking to innovate and improve our processes.

With this vision, we have prepared our mobile unit with all the equipment and supplies necessary to take care of your pet’s beauty and health. That way we guarantee agility and practicality for you and your buddy.

The order here is: animal welfare always!

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Grooming Specialist


Grooming Specialist

Why choose Love and Care

With 4 years of experience and service rich in information and affection, Love & Care understands your pet like no one else.

We operate based on 3 pillars of satisfaction: Pet Happiness, Positive Reviews from Tutors, Trust in our team.

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